Wifi Installation & Troubleshooting in Huntersville NC

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Once you’ve purchased your router, how do you go about setting it up? Getting your new wireless router setup doesn’t need to be complicated. Many homeowners and business owners have a limited understanding of how the home network is set up, how it operates, or even how to fix any issues including spotty wifi connection. Our goal is to make the wifi installation process easier for you and assist you with any issues.

Our wifi-installation services can tackle the integration of a new wifi system or the complete move of an old system.Our team can also do the complete cabling, installation, and troubleshooting. If you have issues with spotty wifi going in and out when you are streaming videos, playing games or working we are here to find a fix for you as well.

Troubleshoot Wifi Connection Problems

Supplementing a wifi system can help improve coverage and eliminate blind spots. Samuel Technology Group, LLC is familiar with the latest technology when it comes to wifi networks. We will be sure to help you set up all your devices to wifi and you can start using them immediately. Rest assured we only install quality wifi products so you will get the most from your connection and improve the functionality in your home.

Our goal is to provide an experience that is tailored to your needs either as a homeowner or a business owner. Regardless of the budget, we pride ourselves in providing affordable solutions and professional customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our wifi installation services.

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