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Make Your Life Easier And Automatic With A Smart Home Installation

In the normal day to day we have a million things to take care of. This is why automating simple things like locking your doors or adjusting your thermostat temperature is so helpful. Think about how nice it would it be to control all of these things right from your smartphone. With a smart home installation from Samuel Technology Group, LLC you can decide what systems you want to control. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to automate your entire house or if you want only a couple of smart devices to control your home on the go. 

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Smart Home Automation Services:

Manage your entire house from your fingertips with smart home installation services. We do a lot more than just setting up home automation systems. Our professional smart home installers also show you how to set up the devices so they do things automatically. Soon you’ll be able to control your:

Smart Lights

Check if lights are on or off even if you aren’t close to your home. Program the smart lights to turn on automatically around the the time you get home from work. The possibilities with smart lights are endless.

Smart Thermostat

Maximize energy savings with a smart thermostat that learns your lifestyle and adjusts to when you are not home. Or if you go on vacation you  have the ability to adjust the temperature from wherever you are with a programmable thermostat.

Smart Door locks

Lock and unlock your door from your phone, and set up codes for guests if you ever need a to let someone into your home. Smart locks also allow the ability of auto locking after a certain period of time so you never leave the door unlocked again.

Smart Door Bells

See who is at the door without having to get up. Smart door bells also send alerts when you have a ring or motion at the door. You’ll always know when you get a package or who is at the door. 

Automatic Blinds

Open and close the blinds with a simple touch, automatic blinds are great for hard to reach blinds in the home. You can also set up automatic times so you never wake up to a bright room again.

Audio Systems

Enjoy music in every room of your house or have smart devices that stream your favorite songs with voice commands. We offer a ranged of smart audio systems for every room.


High quality camera systems so you can see what’s happening inside and outside of your home. Record any events triggered by movement and keep them stored.

Feel In Control With A More Modern Home

If you’re wondering what can make your home more convenient, Call the home automation experts today (980) 441-6211. An upgrade with any of the devices above will truly make you feel like you are living in a smart home with indoor and outdoor options. 

Intelligent Home, Audio and Video Brands We Work With:

Steps To Installing A Typical Home Automation System

  • Connecting smart devices to power and internet

  • Downloading device applications

  • Choosing triggers, schedules and alerts

  • Creating an account and adding smart devices

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