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If you are stuck with a broken laptop, panicking and searching “how to repair laptop” or “computer repair near me,”’ then look no further. Start to relax and reach out to Samuel Technology Group in Huntersville, NC.

Our professional computer repair technicians will remove your worries by diagnosing the computer problem, fixing it, and getting you back up and running. Whether you’re using Windows, MacBook or Dell, our computer repair team in Huntersville is prepared to fix all of laptop or PC problems.

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Huntersville, NC Computer Repair Services:

Samuel Technology Group is prepared to make your computer repair as smooth as possible. In most cases we go out to clients to pick up the damaged laptop or computer so you don’t have to worry about the back and forth. Although we can fix just about anything here are some items we repair frequently:

Computer Screen Repair:

Your computer screen is one the most important elements in your laptop or desktop, sometimes depending on the damage we can replace just the glass but other times we need to replace the display as well. Bring in that cracked or broken display panel for repair or replacement. We offer LCD replacement and other services for most laptop models.

Computer Keyboard Repair:

Whether you have spilled soda, coffee, or just plain old dirt on your keyboard, bring it to Samuel Technology Group in Huntersville, Moorseville and Davidson, NC to get it cleaned up, repaired or replaced. Keyboards are not designed to last forever so they will eventually need to be replaced. We pride ourselves in the speed and care repairing computers.

Hard drive repair:

Repairing computer drives is one of the most common laptop repairs that we do. Hard drives are one of the more complicated components inside your laptop. If your hard drive has failed is cracked or has any physical damage, bring it to our Huntersville, NC computer repair shop or we can come to you.

Computer RAM Repair & Upgrades:

Memory or RAM refers to how much data your computer can store at one time. Having more RAM allows you to operate larger programs, files and applications without running out of room. Laptop computers with less than 2GB of RAM will probably not be able to run Windows Vista with most modern applications, so upgrading its RAM is necessary.

Computer Motherboard Repair:

Your motherboard is responsible for turning data into movement and if this part fails then you need a new motherboard. Our technicians will perform a free scan of your computer to see if there are any other parts that may be bad, they will then order any parts required to get your system working again.

Spyware & Virus Removal:

Most people are not aware that their computer is infected with spyware and viruses. Even if you’ve installed an anti-virus program, if your security program is out of date it doesn’t do much good. Samuel Technology Group provides malware, spyware, and virus removal for any computer repair issue. Our technicians will remove all known types of malware or infection from your system.

Data recovery:

Are you trying to recover important data after a hard drive crash? Not sure if the hard drive can be salvaged? We can help you gain those lost documents with our specialization in all aspects of data recovery for computer systems and laptops.

Liquid & Water Damage Repair:

If you have spilled water or a liquid on your computer, there is a good chance that it is damaged beyond repair. In some cases, you can disassemble the unit and replace damaged parts. In other cases the computer must be brought in for repair or replacement of the hard drive or motherboard.

Computer Hardware & Software Installation:

If you just got a new piece of hardware or software you want installed, our technicians can help you get everything attached and working properly. Whether it’s your printer, camera, scanner, modem, USB device or even your mouse and keyboard we can do it all.

Wifi Connection Issues:

Whether you have a laptop that needs to be networked or a home network that needs to be set up, let our expertise help you out. If you have wireless problems going on with your laptop or pc, we can help with diagnosis and repair too.

Computer Battery Replacement:

Do you have a dead laptop battery? You can bring that old laptop in now so we can replace the battery with a brand new one. Our technicians will tell you which battery specs are perfect for your computer model, and have them waiting for you at the office. You’ll no longer have to worry about carrying a charging cable cable everywhere you go or your computer battery not lasting long enough.

Computer Power Supply Repair:

Let’s face it, a laptop or desktop power supply is one of the most overlooked computer parts. Our computer repair technicians will test the power supply and make sure it has power by connecting to a known working outlet. If your power supply does not have enough juice for your laptop, our technicians will replace the faulty part with a brand new unit.

Professional Computer Repair Services In Huntersville, NC

We are happy to offer our computer repair services in Huntersville, NC at affordable rates. Like all of our services, they are guaranteed to work correctly, quickly, professionally and efficiently! For most problems not covered above, feel free to call us directly at (980)-441-6211.

Brands of computers and Laptops we repair: Acer, Alienware, Apple, Asus, Compaq/HP, Dell, eMachine, Gateway, Google Chromebooks, IBM, Lenovo, Panasonic, Samsung.

We also service desktop computers (and all of their components) as well as hooking up printers and scanners to your computer network. If it can’t be done with a small screwdriver or your hands then let Samuel Technology Group take care of it for you.

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Samuel Technology Group specializes in various levels of support for your computer. We understand the importance of having an always accessible computer at home or in the office.

Common Symptoms of a Damaged Computer:

Laptop makes a clunking noise when moved or touched

Computer locks up constantly or hangs frequently

Blue Screen of Death constantly appears on monitor.

“Slow system performance” message constantly appears on monitor

System crashes frequently

Computer fan is running constantly or not working at all

Computer overheats very quickly

Tips on how to prevent laptop or computer damage:

Proper maintenance of your computer can save you money, time and embarrassment. A few simple steps will help you protect your investments.

Keep the computer clean and free of dust.

Keep the computer in a cool, dry location.

Clean the computer vents regularly.

Backup your data frequently.

Shut down the computer once a week.

If you are concerned about dust inside computer case, vacuum out the dust regularly; also, clean outer case by wiping gently with a damp cotton cloth or paper towel to remove dust or food particles that snuck into computer case or could fall into CPU.

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