Typically, when you research Cloud Computing in Hunterville, or What is the Cloud, you will get a long confusing answer about system resources and computing power without any direct access. What Cloud Computing really is, is using someone else’s computer to perform work, and to store data. That’s it. The main benefit of moving to the cloud is that it saves you a lot of money. As you no longer need to hire someone to manage and repair the bulk of your infrastructure or manage the physical aspects of all the hardware it takes to run your business. You save on both space and personnel costs, while having access to all the same information and power that you are used to having. When deciding to move to the cloud, you first need to understand your business needs, and then see which Cloud provider works best for you. You can also choose between a private and public cloud, but I will write about those in a future blog. For now, know that you have many choices and depending on your needs, and any of them could be the solution for you.