The most important thing that we all hate to do. As a break/fix engineer, I cannot count the number of issues that I fixed simply by updating the “broken” application. I know that there is a well-deserved stigma around updating needlessly. However, with the speed that technology is advancing, modern applications need to be regularly updated to continue working on current operating systems and browsers. When it comes to security, updates are your best friend. Your Anti-Virus is only effective if it stays up to date on how to detect and defend against newly created malware. Anti-Virus software uses a dictionary of malware to know how to identify when your device has been affected by malware, and how to remove it from your system. Computer hardware updates are also a crucial and typically expensive part of doing business. However, you do not always need to upgrade the entire device. A simple ram upgrade can greatly improve your work experience and will help increase the rate at which you can work. Switching from a spinning disk drive to a solid-state drive, will also help to streamline your business day. There are lots of little things like this you can do, if you are curious about anything specific, feel free to send us a question, and Jason or myself will get back to you as quickly as we can with an answer. In short, keeping everything updated solves way more problems than it causes.