Funny but Reality

Network Security is like a door to your house. The more you leave it open, the more likely it is for someone to come in without asking. If you simply close the door, less people will come in, but some still may try the door handle. If you lock the door, some may still kick it in, or try a window. There is no perfect solution when it comes to IT Services, unless you brick up every window and door, but then you no longer have a house that you can use. However, there are lots of steps that you can take to ensure you have as few people as possible trying to come in. The 2 best things to help protect your network and devices are to install an anti-virus that meets your needs and to correctly setup your firewall, but why? The Anti-Virus is like adding a bouncer to your house, as the bouncer is there to monitor any incidents that happen after people do get in, and then to remove them as needed. Modern Anti-Virus should be running scheduled checks and can remove most malware that happens to make its way into your house and could reduce the need for computer repairs in the future. Anti-Virus also works off an ever-growing dictionary of malware, so it is crucial that you always keep it updated for the best security. The Firewall gives you the power to brick up all the windows and doors in your house, that you do not want anyone to gain access to. It can also determine what type of traffic is allowed through that door. While these are overly simplistic examples, I hope that the point is still clear. If you want to have a house that is safe, yet useable, then Security should always be at the top of your list.