I wanted to start today by talking about the importance of Identity Security and cyber security. We all know someone who has been hacked on Facebook or their debit card or credit card was scanned or compromised somehow. These are the basic starting points for hackers as they begin taking over your identity. In our world of ransomware, they can take over our entire infrastructure. Everyone, at least, for the southeast anyway knows about the recent Colonial Pipeline hack. Colonial paid almost $5M to the ransomware hackers. By securing your identity at entry, you can secure it from there inward. There are plenty of Identity providers out there; Microsoft and OKTA are 2 of the bigger in the game currently. As a former Microsoft employee and certified MCSE, I stress the importance of Identity protection regularly.

Always always use MFA/2FA. I like to recommend a step further to utilizing Biometrics. Even still, not as good as it could be. I keep a USB Drive (Called a YUBIKEY). Even this one, my favorite, comes with risks. What if you lost that USB drive? It is encrypted with MFA, for MFA, so NO breaking in. Now, If we could just encrypt our personal identities today, we are getting somewhere with locking down your most precious gym, YOU. MFA is an additional “Layer” of authentication that makes you prove you are who you say with a 2nd device or password prompt via Mobile app or YUBIKEY. Knowing a 2nd layer of credentials for an account is near impossible. The scary part though, it is actually possible. Just like securing your network with firewalls and anti-virus, implementing Secure Identity is your way to safety. Constant password changes every 90-180 days again keeping you secure. Some of our customers once thought using passphrases was the best security as a password. Not any more. Today’s recommendations want you to secure your data with a password or phrase that has ZERO to do with you as an individual. No pet names, hobbies etc. People watch us much more than we ever imagine. If you want to kill the bad actors’ presence, you must pull the trigger and lock your doors.