Business Networking, Technology Networking, and Social Networking all seem like very different topics, yet they share the same word “Networking”. I used to think a lot about why they would share the same name, as they are obviously different. However, once you really look at it, they are all the same. Networking just means to connect resources together. Whether that those resources are people, places, or devices, it is still creating the connection between them that makes it networking. If you lose contact with a person in your network, you lose access to the resources that they could provide you. Technology Networking is very much the same way. You need access to servers, data, and your own device. You need all those resources to be networked together to be able to use them. If one of those resources goes down, you are no longer able to access them. Which is a huge problem that we talked about on our Single Point of Failure blog. The difference here is going to be that it is a lot harder to have an extra copy of a human resource, it is pertinent that you have an extra copy, or backup of your technology resources. With every copy of that resources you have, the half the chances of losing that resource. Which can make the difference between losing business and gaining business within a very short period.