1. Update your Anti-Virus
    a. Your Anti-Virus works by keeping a dictionary of known malware, how to detect it, and how to remove or block it from your device. Which means for it to be effective against newly created malware, it needs to be updated regularly. This is crucial in preventing costly computer reapirs to remove spyware and viruses.
    b. Having Anti-Virus software installed is great, but if it is not updated, it is not able to perform its job correctly.
  2. Know what features you have, and what they do
    a. Your Anti-Virus software, like all applications, have feature updates. These new features can drastically change what your anti-virus can protect you from, and the new features are typically enabled by default.
    b. You should always make sure that you know of any new features that are added, and what they do. If you start seeing some issues after a recent feature upgrade of your Anti-Virus, try disabling any new features to see if they are the culprit. Then research that feature and see if there are any settings to allow you to utilize it, without it disrupting your work.
  3. Use it
    a. This one does sound simple, but what I mean is not for you to just have it turned on. Open it up, investigate it, read a blog or 2 about it.
    b. The more you know about your anti-virus software, the more useful it is to you.
  4. Shop around
    a. The best anti-virus 10 years ago, is most likely not the best anti-virus now. Make sure that your current anti-virus solution is still the best solution for you.
    b. If you would like help figuring out what the best Anti-Virus solution is for your home or business, send us a question and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
  5. Only use what you need
    a. I know I previously said to use any new features that you want, but I also said to see if you can modify the settings to ensure that those new features do not impede your work.
    b. While security is very important, usability is how work gets completed. In the security world, usability and security are at opposite sides of the spectrum, and your entire goal is to find the perfect equilibrium between the 2. The more you know about your Anti-Virus and the more that you use it, the easier it will be for you to make this happen.