When an issue pops up, it is always aggravating, but if you follow a simple log called Circular Troubleshooting, you can solve most issues quickly. Here’s how it works:

1. Identify what the issue is

a. Examples:

i. Will not power on

ii. App Crashes

iii. Internet will not connect

2. Identify the most likely thing to break

a. If the power will not come on, the first place to check would be to see if power is connected properly

3. Identify how to remediate that issue

a. Keeping with the power scenario, disconnect the power cord/power supply completely, even from each other if possible, and then plug it all back in. This helps to ensure that all the cords are seated correctly, and that there isn’t anything blocking the port.

4. Test to see if the issue is fixed

a. You want to test you for the issue being remediated after each troubleshooting step to see if it is fixed, or if it has changed.

5. If the issue is fixed, YAY, if the issue is not, then start over at step 1, while marking off the previous fix that you tried.