In today’s world, data is power. So, backing up your data is a way to reserve that power for when you need to use it. Which sounds very important when you put it like that, yet many businesses do not know how to properly backup their data, or how to store it properly. The key thing to remember about backups is that they are only needed if something happens to the original copy for example if you were to need a computer repair in Huntersville and lose some files on your laptop. So, storing them in the same location as the original copy, is not the safest thing to do. If a fire breaks out, both copies will be destroyed. So, if you perform your own backups, it is best practice to keep them in a safe place away from your home or business, like a safety deposit box. You can also keep a virtual backup but remember to have it housed in a separate data center than your main data, as again, the data center could have any number of things happen. If you are going with a Cloud Provider such as Azure, your data is replicated (actively copied) to another data center to ensure that there is no single point of failure. I will also get more into different types of backups in a later blog, this was just an introductory into what a backup is and why it is crucial to your business.