Email Overview

Most of us have more email accounts than we check, and way more mail than we know what to do with. This blog will cover a basic overview of email, but I will write an Email Best Practices blog later. So how does the basic flow of email go? Well, it depends on the email […]

Ports, And Why They Are Important

Ports are like the windows and doors to your house. The more ports you have open, the more ways there are to get into your house. Which is why it is important for companies to only have the ports that they need currently open. You also want to make sure that all ports that you […]

Networking vs Networking vs Networking

Business Networking, Technology Networking, and Social Networking all seem like very different topics, yet they share the same word “Networking”. I used to think a lot about why they would share the same name, as they are obviously different. However, once you really look at it, they are all the same. Networking just means to […]

Circular Troubleshooting

When an issue pops up, it is always aggravating, but if you follow a simple log called Circular Troubleshooting, you can solve most issues quickly. Here’s how it works: 1. Identify what the issue is a. Examples: i. Will not power on ii. App Crashes iii. Internet will not connect 2. Identify the most likely […]


The most important thing that we all hate to do. As a break/fix engineer, I cannot count the number of issues that I fixed simply by updating the “broken” application. I know that there is a well-deserved stigma around updating needlessly. However, with the speed that technology is advancing, modern applications need to be regularly […]

My Top 5 Anti-Virus Best Practices

Update your Anti-Virusa. Your Anti-Virus works by keeping a dictionary of known malware, how to detect it, and how to remove or block it from your device. Which means for it to be effective against newly created malware, it needs to be updated regularly. This is crucial in preventing costly computer reapirs to remove spyware […]

Private Cloud vs Public Cloud

The short answer is that a Private cloud is part of your Internal Network and a Public Cloud is part of an External Network. Why choose one over the other? If you want to control every aspect of your resources, including the data, or you already have a large data center, a Private Cloud is […]

Conditional Access and RBAC

While following “Securing your Identity”, I wanted to quickly go through conditional access and how it can benefit your organization, the data and your own. Conditional access was 1st introduced back in the ADFS days using Claims Rules to justify user authentication in to a web browser, app or VPN tunnel. Most lately, CA has […]

Securing Your Identity

I wanted to start today by talking about the importance of Identity Security and cyber security. We all know someone who has been hacked on Facebook or their debit card or credit card was scanned or compromised somehow. These are the basic starting points for hackers as they begin taking over your identity. In our […]


In today’s world, data is power. So, backing up your data is a way to reserve that power for when you need to use it. Which sounds very important when you put it like that, yet many businesses do not know how to properly backup their data, or how to store it properly. The key […]